Soilless Farming Professional Services

Educating and Helping individuals and organizations to plan, build, and manage hydroponics/aquaponics farms to make profits and to improve the quality of food.

Projects & Consulting

I can provide consulting and project services, including planning, designing, and constructing commercial aquaponics/hydroponics farms. I believe in following a set method to execute any project which involves education and planning, designing, pre-construction preparation, farm construction, labor training, and growing support in the same order. I have a background in Computer Science Engineering. I have also done a Hydroponics Equipment and Consultancy diploma and aquaponics design course (with Murray Hallam). In my short career span of 3 years as a consultant, I have built 9 commercial farms, numerous gardens and provided training to more than 100 offline hydroponics training sessions.

Hydroponics Services

Hydroponics and Hydroponics Business Presentation

Hydroponics 2D/3D Farm Design and Animated walkthrough

Hydroponics Farm Construction

Hydroponics Garden Construction

Hydroponics Growing Training

Hydroponics Nutrients Preparation Presentation and Training


Aquaponics Services

Aquaponics and Aquaponics Business Presentation

Aquaponics 2D/3D Farm Design and Animated walkthrough

Aquaponics Farm Construction

Aquaponics Garden Construction

Aquaponics Growing Training

Other Services

Polyhouse Construction

Green Peas, Edamame & Other Food Product Preservation Services

Customized Hydroponics Fodder Machine

Hydroponics/Aquaponics Farm Rehabilitation Service

Hydroponics/Aquaponics Project Report